Case Studies
Origin Energy


2016 Media Federation Award Winner for 'Best Partner Initiative'

Cylinder LPG is only required in specific regional locations where mains gas is not available therefore a campaign featuring relevant local content and talent was strategically necessary.

The competitive brief enphasesed LPG customers "don't care about gas, but they do care about what it offers. Things like warmth in winter, comfort foods and cosy nights in with the family."

This insights was the cornerstone of our submission.

Our successful submission strategy was to produce a content series championing regional Australia, their amazing restaurants, local chefs, recipes and produce.

By crafting the series to reflect the passion of the local chef and the region, we were confident this would seamlessly deliver the campaign message to regional Australians and drive sales.

The featured restaurant would also be geographically targeted to high prospect locations for new customers.

The content ran on air, online and on social platforms, with an additional engagement piece of a viewer promotion giving regional viewers the chance to win an experience at one of the featured restaurants.  

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